ISSW2013 (Brest) - Proceedings

13th International Ship Stability Workshop (ISSW2013)

23-26 September 2013, Brest, Brittany, France


Local Organising Committee: L. Audrain, J-Y. Billard, M. Le Boulluec, P. Corrignan, P. Ferrand, C. François, F. Grinnaert, J-M. Laurens, J-F. Leguen, J-J. Maisoneuve, B. Molin, Y-M. Scolan


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Session 1 - "Stability of Offshore Floating Platforms" (Chairs: Jeffrey Falzarano, Marcelo Neves)


Session 2 - "Roll Damping & Roll Stabilization" (Chair: Luis Pérez Rojas)


Session 3 - "Risk Based Assessment of Ship Stability" (Chairs: Vadim Belenky, Gabriele Bulian)


Session 4 - "Fishing Vessels Stability and Safety" (Chairs: Marc Le Boulluec, Naoya Umeda)


Session 5 - "Second Generation Intact Stability Criteria" (Chairs: Philippe Corrignan, Alberto Francescutto)

Session 6 - "Naval Ship Stability" (Chairs: Jean-François Leguen, Frans van Walree)

Session 7 - "Special Problems of Intact Stability" (Chair: Apostolos Papanikolaou)

Session 8 - "Ship Stability & Design Implications" (Chairs: Luc Lemoine, Kostas Spyrou)

Session 9 - "Human Factor" (Chair: Jean-François Leguen)

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