STAB International Standing Committee

Role of the International Standing Committee



(i) To be responsible for deciding the location and frequency of STAB Conferences and of the International Ship Stability Workshops (ISSW).
(ii) To offer suggestions and agree the makeup of the National Committee and appoint the Chair of that Committee.
(iii) To set out the terms of reference for the National Committee, in discussion with that Committee, including the broad technical content of the event.
(iv) To assist the National Committee with the selection of papers.
(v) To provide support to the National Committee, by way of suggesting speakers/exhibitors.
(vi) To have a consultative role in setting of fees for the conference.
(vii) To interact with and provide guidance to the Stability R&D Committee as appropriate.



(viii) The International Standing Committee shall comprise about 15 internationally recognized active specialists in the field and shall elect its own Chair. Regional aspects shall be considered when selecting the members of the International Standing Committee.
(ix) The Committee shall see that new members are elected during each STAB Conference by all delegates to that Conference. Existing members may stand for re-election.
(x) The Committee may invite the Chair of the National Committee for the duration of the existence of that Committee, plus one additional Member for the nation hosting the STAB event, preferably a member of the National Committee.
(xi) The Committee shall elect its own Chair with election during each STAB event. The Chair may not stand for re-election more than once.


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