Stability R&D Committee (SRDC)

Scope of the Stability R&D Committee (SRDC)

The Stability R&D Committee (briefly, SRDC) is an international committee created for promoting and supporting research, collaboration and exchange of information in the field of ship stability, particularly among, but not limited to, young individuals.

The SRDC is formed by its Members, who represent the essential core of the committee. Members of the SRDC elect, for representative and organization purposes, a Coordination Board.

The SRDC Members are expected to be individuals actively involved in basic and applied research, regulation developments, or other activities deemed of contribution to the body of knowledge and understanding of the subject of ship stability and safety. In the SRDC the wording "ship stability" is intended in a broad sense, encompassing all those topics which can directly or indirectly affect, or being relevant to, the safety of the ship from the point of view large amplitude motions and/or capsizing.

The principal tasks of the SRDC are:

  • To attract members who can potentially contribute to the achievement of the SRDC's goals;

  • To encourage the interest in the science of ship safety and stability, and to promote the dissemination of outcomes from pertinent research studies by all means deemed appropriate (e.g., but not limited to, by promoting participation to STAB conferences and International Ship Stability Workshops, by maintaining the website;

  • To promote technical discussions, exchanging of ideas, collaborative researches, exchange of experimental and simulation data, exploitation of synergies with other fields of scientific endeavours, etc., by all means deemed appropriate (e.g., but not limited to, by organising online forums and data repositories);

  • To regularly identify and maintain a list of research topics considered to be of importance for the advance of the knowledge in the field of ship stability;

  • To appropriately interact with the STAB International Standing Committee.

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