ISSW2008 (Daejeon) - Proceedings

10th International Ship Stability Workshop (ISSW2008)

23-25 March 2008, Daejeon, Republic of Korea


Local Organising Committee: Chair: Dr. S.W. Hong; Secretaries: Dr S.Y. Hong, Dr. D.Lee


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Session 1 - "Numerical Prediction of Intact Stability" (Chairs: Y. Ikeda, D. Vassalos)


Session 2 - "Parametric Roll Prediction" (Chairs: V. Belenky, M. Neves)


Session 3 - "Ship Behavior in Following/Quartering Waves" (Chairs: N. Umeda, S.-Y. Hong)


Session 4 - "Probabilistic Assessment of Intact Stability" (Chairs: K. Spyrou, G. Bulian)


Session 5 - "Numerical Prediction of Flooding and Damage Stability" (Chairs: A. Papanikolaou, F. van Walree)

Session 6 - "Design System considering Damage Condition" (Chairs: K.-S. Kim, D. Lee)

Session 7 - "Operational Stability Safety" (Chairs: J.O. de Kat, S. Grochowalski)


Session 8 - "Probabilistic Assessment of Damage Stability" (Chairs: H. Bruhns, R. Tagg)

Session 9 - "Ship Accident Investigation" (Chairs: M. Pawłowski, L. Pérez-Rojas)

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