University of Trieste/ CNR-INSEAN (Rome) / PhD positions / Application deadline: 16 Sept. 2013, 11.30am CET

PhD positions are now open for application in the field of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering at University of Trieste, Doctorate in Engineering and Architecture for cycle XXIX, Academic year 2013-2014. Click here for PDF info.

One of the open PhD positions is funded by CNR-INSEAN (Rome) with topic "Intermediate and long term wave and ship motion prediction in complex sea-states", in the framework of research activities at CNR-INSEAN in the field of numerical and experimental methods for propagation of water waves and for short, medium and long term prediction of ship motions. Click here for PDF info.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION IS 16 SEPTEMBER 2013 - 11.30am CET, so very close! This requires interested candidates to apply ASAP!


More information is available from the following website:


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